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Suchman and Feinblum, CPAs, provides highly specialized and personalized services to family-owned and closely-held businesses and to high-income and high-net-worth individuals. These services include:

  • Strategic Business Planning - including contact negotiation, mediation and arbitration services;

  • Business Start-Up Planning - including financing, tax and form-of-doing-business strategies;

  • Succession Planning - including mergers & acquisitions, buy-sell agreements and funding arrangements;

  • Estate & Retirement Planning - including utilization of trusts and comprehensive asset allocation strategies;

  • Tax Planning and Preparation - including multi-state and international tax strategies;

  • Tax Representation - including filing of delinquent returns and offer-in-compromise negotiations;

  • Litigation Consulting - including income and asset allocation strategies for divorcing couples;

  • Bankruptcy Consulting - including pre-bankruptcy asset maximization strategies and post-bankruptcy rehabilitation.

In order to insure that its clients receive the best possible advice, Suchman & Feinblum, CPAs, maintains close working and personal relationships with some of the best attorneys, bankers, mortgage brokers, insurance agents and investment advisors in the New York Metropolitan area.

In addition to the above, we especially enjoy creating synergy among our clients. We have frequently found that the needs of Client A can best be served by utilizing the products or services of Client B. Putting our clients together in ways which serve to their mutual benefit is an "extra" service which sets us apart from most other accounting firms.

and that's what we do...

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