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Suchman & Feinblum traces its lineage back to 1945, when Milton Schwartz, CPA - a newly discharged Army veteran - went to work for a sole practitioner, Morris Eisenberg, CPA. In 1950, Eisenberg decided to retire and sold his practice to Milt, who continued to practice individually.

Milt’s client list soon became too big for him to handle on his own so, in 1952, he and an old Army buddy, William Cassler, CPA, merged their practices and formed the firm of Schwartz & Cassler, CPAs.

In 1962, Allan N. Suchman - then a high school student - began to work part-time for the firm, mostly during the tax season crunch. This loose affiliation continued until Allan graduated from Pace College with a degree in accounting at which time he began his own career as an accountant.

While working for a variety of accounting firms, Allan built up a substantial practice of his own. In 1979, he decided the time had come to stop being an employee and to devote his full energies to his own practice. Having maintained close contact with Milt and Bill through the years, he opened discussions with them about merging his practice with theirs.

During the period of negotiations, Bill experienced some severe health problems and decided to retire from the day-to-day business. Finally, in November, 1980, Milt, Bill, and Allan decided to merge their practices and, together with one of Schwartz & Cassler’s long-time employees, Steve Franzman, formed the firm of Schwartz, Franzman, Suchman and Company, CPAs.

After graduating from City College, David Feinblum, CPA, pursued a career in the defense industry while also creating a lucrative tax-oriented accounting practice of his own. In 1984, David was offered, and accepted, a full partnership in the firm.

Things continued apace until 1994, when sudden and unforeseen health problems forced both Milt and Steve to retire within a few months of each other. At that time, the firm was renamed Suchman & Feinblum, CPAs.

And that’s where we’ve come from.

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